Churchill’s Pub, 1979-2014 A.D.

Review by E. Fudd

On the south-facing outside wall of Churchill’s in Little Haiti, there’s some signage that quips, “Under Old Management—Again.”

As of 1:30 AM this morning, this charming, hokey truism is now moot. Dave Daniels—the white-maned, 73 year old from Stoke, England who opened the historic music venue in 1979—has accepted an offer to buy from a yet-to-be-revealed party.

Mr. C, the beloved guardian of the front door and general enforcer of the place referred to as “our beloved shithole,” has delivered the news via phone vid.

After much gossipy rumor and rumory gossip following the revelation of the offer in February, the deal is sealed now that a legal period of due diligence is past. The new owners will reportedly need to make some improvements (the much maligned bathrooms and parking lot among them), before reopening sometime in June.

Locals and visitors from around the world have been vocal about their dismay over the sale, and have expressed their hopes that it will remain true to its storied development, while making some essential improvements.

Churchill’s, truly a dive for its share of disrepute (and an almost-honest pub since Daniels physically lives on the property), has possibly had more live concerts than any other venue in the United States. There has been a show every night of the week, if not multiple shows, going on 34 years now. Whatever.